Safety Investigations

Aircraft accidents and incidents involve a variety of human and organisational factors and are seldom the sole result of inadequate design, equipment malfunction or human error. Despite safety management programs, aircraft accidents and incidents continue to occur.

helo crash

In some circumstances an appropriate follow-up to a safety occurrence is an investigation. With safety improvement as the goal, professional investigations can lead to a reduction in operational risk exposure in the future. Incidents can then be seen as “free hits” from a safety enhancement perspective.

ASI investigations focus on the ‘Safety Issues’; the organisational conditions and the effectiveness of the risk controls; and the accountability of those involved.  The investigation establishes whether :

Should your organisation be unfortunate enough to suffer a serious accident, normally the country where the accident occurred will want to investigate the occurrence themselves. ASI can support your response in terms of liaison with the authority and the conduct of an independent accident investigation that ensures your organisation is fairly represented.

ASI’s Role

 ASI safety investigations provide:

ASI aviation accident investigation expertise covers both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, and we specialise in the investigation of aviation safety occurrences involving high-capacity transport-category aircraft, and air traffic services.

Our highly trained, experienced and competent aircraft accident investigation experts have the specialised knowledge and skill required to identify all of the relevant factors involved to enable you to have a full understanding of the event.


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