Safety Program Management

Whether your safety department consists of a multitasked ‘safety pilot’ or a number of specialised personnel, finding and maintaining the optimum resourcing level can be a challenge. Particularly during periods of change, having the ability to tailor resourcing requirements to the operational circumstances becomes not just an economic question but also one of capability. ASI provides the practical and cost effective solution to dynamic resourcing requirements in Safety Program Management services.


Safety Accountabilities and Responsibilities

The Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director is ultimately accountable for Safety Management and should provide the resources necessary to implement and maintain a Safety Management System (SMS).

The CEO/MD can demonstrate a commitment to safety by:

Depending on the size of the organisation, senior management should appoint a Safety Manager who, irrespective of other duties, will have responsibilities and authority that includes:

The Safety Manager is not the sole person responsible for safety.  The Safety Manager is responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the SMS.

Specific safety activities, and functional or operational safety performance outcomes, are the responsibility of the relevant operational or functional managers, and Company Officers should not hold the Safety Manager accountable for operational or functional managers’ responsibilities. The Safety Manager should monitor all cross-functional or departmental SMS activities to ensure their relevant integration.

While the SM may be held accountable for the satisfactory administration and facilitation of the SMS itself, they should not be held accountable for the safety performance of the organisation — the CEO/MD alone is accountable.

What do you need assistance with ?
  ASI Your Organisation
Adequately resourcing and supporting the SMS X
Drafting the SMS Manual
Making recommendations concerning Safety Policy
Drafting Safety Objectives and Safety Performance Indicators for the organisation
Regular evaluation and updating of the SMS procedures
Developing the Emergency Response Plan
Maintaining and exercising the Emergency Response Plan
Maintaining safety related records to meet SMS requirements
Liaison with CASA on safety-related issues
Liaison with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) on safety-related issues
Liaison with the state Work Health and Safety authority on work safety-related issues
Liaison with Company Officers on safety related issues
Providing safety advice and assistance to Responsible Managers
Providing safety advice and assistance to operational staff and contractors
Reviewing the SMS performance against the Safety Performance Indicators
Assessing the impact of safety on operational changes (Change Management) and activating the Safety Risk Management process as appropriate
Maintaining a reporting system to

  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Provide internal hazard identification for operations
Managing an immunity-based reporting system (confidential reports)
Monitoring the internal safety reports and ensuring regulatory requirements are met
Assessment of reports and recommendation regarding need to conduct an investigation
Coordinating and facilitating the Safety Committee
Conducting internal investigations
Advising management regarding ATSB reports and comments by Directly Involved Parties
Advising management regarding CASA safety reports
Conducting Risk Assessments
Ensuring periodic reviews of Risk Assessments
Coordinating the internal SMS audit programs
Conducting the internal SMS audit programs
Coordinating the external SMS audit programs
Conducting the external SMS audit programs
Coordinating SMS induction training
Conducting SMS induction training
Coordinating SMS recurrent training
Conducting SMS recurrent training
Exchange of lessons learnt with other operators
Promoting safety awareness and a positive safety culture through effective communication methods


How much assistance do you need ?


ASI can also provide a tailored database solution to manage the complex and interrelated information that an effective Safety Management System requires.  This system can be implemented on your IT services or managed directly by ASI.

We look forward to working together with you, for the safety of your operations.


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