Crew Rest Research: Participant Instructions for Data Collection

This crew rest research project requires you to install and use two iOS apps for the iPad or iPhone.  Information regarding these apps, and their installation and setup are detailed at

To collect data for the research project please follow the following instructions. The importance of following these instructions specifically is emphasised. Not following the instructions will compromise the quality and completeness of the data, which may impinge on the success of the project.  It is suggested that ‘practice runs’ at completing these instructions may be beneficial to data collection quality.


Please be aware of your power usage and battery level, especially if the iPad or iPhone is being used for operational purposes when not in the crew rest. Trials have indicated the configuration and use of the apps in the methods described have minimal power usage, but they will still deplete battery levels.

iPad or iPhone memory will also be used during the data collection process. Particularly by the use of activation levels for vibration sensing, memory use is minimised.  If your iPad or iPhone performance is degraded due to excessive memory usage whilst collecting research data, please cease data collection, delete collected data, and return your iPad or iPhone to levels of effective functional use.

If either excessive battery usage or excessive memory usage is encountered, please email to alert us to the problem


At the start of your crew rest period you will be required to start and use two apps to collect data. One is automatic after startup (Vibsensor) and the other (Timestamp) requires your input. Please note that Timestamp data is only collected if your rest has been disturbed from other sources, and data entry should not adversely affect crew rest.


  • Tap the ‘Timestamp’ app icon
  • To delete pre-existing data, tap ‘Delete All’ (bottom left) and confirm


  • Tap the ‘VibSensor’ app icon
  • Check ‘Settings’ (bottom right) details
    Ensure the following are selected:
    Units   m/sec2
    Acquisition   Vibration Activated
    Frequency Range   high
    Attachment Type   Text (csv)
    Report Options   Info in Attachment
    Email   activated
    Note: These settings should be retained once setup
  • Check ‘Acquire’ (bottom left) defaults:
    Title   (blank)
    Activation Level   1.1 m/sec2
    Delay to Arm   00:00
    Duration and Max Recordings:
    The maximum number of recordings is 20. Ideally, divide your expected rest period (in minutes) by 20 and set that as the ‘Duration’ in minutes.  If the calculated period is 11 minutes or more, set 10 minutes and 59 seconds.
    Set the ‘Max Recordings’ to 20These ‘Acquire’ ‘Duration and Max Recordings’ parameters will need to be checked and set each time the app is started as they are not retained within the app setup. Other ‘Acquire’ settings are retained.


    • Place the iPad or iPhone in a stable location (see example) that can be easily reached whilst resting. Place the iPad or iPhone so that the device is aligned with your bodies direction, screen up.  For example:
    • To start vibration data collection, tap to start the ‘VibSensor’ app, then press the ‘Start’ button (on the ‘Acquire’ page, lower part of the screen. If you cannot see the ‘Start’ button, stop editing one of the fields above)
    • If the existing acceleration is below the threshhold the word ‘armed’ should appear on the screen
    • Alternatively, if the sensor has activated the collecting page should appear.  For example:


If your rest has been disrupted by an event. Please complete the following steps:

  • GENTLY press the iPad or iPhone ‘Home’ button then tap the ‘Timestamp’ app to open it. (If the ‘Home’ button is pressed roughly you may inadvertently activate the vibration collection process. If this happens, do not be concerned, and let the data be recorded)
  • If your rest is disrupted for any reason GENTLY press the appropriate button (Button setup is explained on the App Installation and Setup page
  • During the setup process abbreviated terms were used for button labels. Button labels equate to the following events:
Button LabelEvent Description
MvreAircraft manoeuvre
Cab NseCabin activity noise
Amb NseAmbient noise
Adj RestActivity in adjacent crew rest
LgtExcessive light
Sys AlarAircraft system alarm
Emer CallCrew emergency call
BunkBunk comfort
HotTemperature - Too hot
ColdTemperature - Too cold
PeePhysiological needs (eg. toilet)
Think OpsPersistent thoughts / concerns regarding operational aspects
Think PersPersistent thoughts / concerns regarding personal aspects
Call BackRecalled to the flight deck before anticipated rest period completed


  • The iPad / iPhone screen will remain illuminated for the period you have set in the ‘Settings’ / ‘Display and Brightness’ / ‘Auto-Lock’ settings
  • Pressing the iPad or iPhone ‘Power button to Off pauses the vibration sensing in VibSensor and data is not recorded
  • Therefore to blank or darken the screen (because you want a dark environment to rest) …(Awaiting advise from Apple)


  • If the screen is blanked or darkened, GENTLY press the ‘Home’ button
  • Tap to open the ‘Timestamp’ app
  • Tap the appropriate button to record the event
  • To blank or darken the screen again, follow the previous instructions


  • (Firstly) GENTLY press the ‘Home’ button and tap to open the ‘VibSensor’ app
  • Tap the ‘Stop’ button on the bottom of the ‘Acquire’ page (This step is completed first to prevent inadvertent vibration data collection
  • The ‘Timestamp’ app can continue to run in the background with no detrimental effects


  • The research project needs both ‘Timestamp’ and ‘VibSensor’ data, as they are matched
To Send ‘VibSensor’ Data
  • Tap to open the ‘VibSensor’ app
  • Tap ‘ViewData’ (bottom centre)
  • For EACH and ALL periods of data you need to send  an email to the researcher
  • Tap to select the date. Each date may have multiple subsets of data at various times. For EACH and ALL time subsets, tap to select the time subset. A page with graphs will appear
  • For EACH and ALL subsets, tap the button consisting of a square with an up arrow (bottom centre)
  • Send the subsequently created email to
    Please ensure that you send the email from the email address you submitted during registration
  • Repeat as necessary for EACH and ALL date and time subsets
  • If you want to tidy up the data prior to your next rest, on the ‘ViewData’ page for each date displayed swipe to the left and a ‘Delete’ button will appear. Tap the ‘Delete’ button and confirm.  Repeat as necessary
  • The ‘VibSensor’ app can now be closed
To Send ‘Timestamp’ Data
  • Tap to open the ‘Timestamp’ app
  • To edit incorrectly recorded events:
    Tap ‘Edit’ (bottom right)
    Select the erroneous data by tapping to the far left of the description in the grey circle. A red tick will appear.
    Tap ‘Delete’ (bottom left) to remove all events marked with a red tick.
  • To send the data:
    Tap on the description of any event and a predominately grey page will appear
    Tap ‘Email all events’
    Send the subsequently created email to
    Please ensure that you send the email from the email address you submitted during registration
  • If you want to tidy up the data prior to your next rest:
    Tap on ‘Timestamp’ (top left)
    Tap ‘Edit’ (bottom right)
    Tap ‘Delete All’ (bottom left), and confirm
  • The ‘Timestamp’ app can now be closed


The instructions detailed above are available in an A4 sized document by CLICKING HERE

This document is suitable for printing, and thus would subsequently be available in paper based form when connection to the internet (and this page) are not available; such as inflight.


This research project is approved by the University of South Australia’s Human Research Ethics Committee.  If you have any ethical concerns about the project or questions about your rights as a participant please contact the Executive Officer of this Committee,


The researcher has prepared the research project and these instructions to the best of their ability. However, problems and opportunities for improvement may be identified by you. If you would like to identify or address these your feedback would be most appreciated. Please email with the details.