Accident Site – Recording

An investigator must know three things before going out to an accident site: how to use their digital camera effectively, how and what to take pictures of at the accident site, and how photos/video can be analysed for the accident investigation.


Technology has provided amazing tools for the accident investigator.  A modern cell phone in the hands of a trained investigator can be used to make surveys, 3D models and panoramic images of a crash site.  The same tools in the hands of a witness can capture critical video of an aircraft incident, which can be analysed to calculate flight parameters. Knowledge of digital photography and analysis can help an investigator take better pictures, collect better information, and ultimately produce more findings.

ASI’s Course

This course covers all aspects of modern aircraft accident photography, from taking photos and video at a crash site for subsequent analysis and measurement, to analysis of cockpit or witnesses video footage in order to derive an aircraft’s flight path.  Best practices for the use of modern technology such as smart phones, tablets, and unmanned aerial vehicles, are presented. Course members are provided with the software tools and instruction to carry out analysis during the course and after course completion.

Who Should Attend

This course is for investigators who want to learn how to effectively capture photographic evidence at a crash site with modern tools such as the digital camera or cell phone, and analyse these photos using accessible programs to produce site surveys and 3D models.  The course also provides an introduction to analysis of aircraft cockpit video as well as video collected from witnesses, to extrapolate aircraft flight information.


  • Digital photography
  • Component photography
  • 3d component models
  • Component photography exercise
  • Basic photogrammetry
  • Photography for photogrammetry
  • Wreckage photography
  • 3d wreckage models
  • Wreckage photography exercise
  • Cockpit video image analysis
  • Cockpit video case study
  • Accident site survey
  • Aerial and UAV site photography
  • Panoramic crash site photos
  • Google Earth photo overlays
  • Witness video (IWI)
  • Witness video analysis case study
  • Flight path analysis
  • Flight path case study
  • Visualization and simulation
  • Accident site photography exercise

Course Structure

ASI’s Accident Site – Recording course presents the topics in a logical sequence. After each topic, participants will be given the opportunity to practice their learning by conducting an interactive, practical exercise. Participants learn through a balanced mix of instruction, interactive sessions and practical exercises.

Pre reading materials will be available online within the ASI Learning Management System.  This component is self-paced, and time taken to read, review and understand the concepts and ideas in these materials may assist your learning outcomes during the workshop.

The workshop consists of three days of classroom facilitated learning (completed over consecutive days).  The workshop will review and expand on the previous materials and will focus on additional theory and the development of practical skills.

Workshop size is limited to 16 students.

Note: Workshops will normally be completed in Sydney, Australia. If you would prefer to attend your workshop in another location, please advise the ASI Projects Manager. If there is sufficient demand the workshop may be run at another location on different dates. Our Projects Manager will advise.  However, until an alternative location is confirmed, plan on attending the workshop in Sydney.

Note: This course is not accredited under the Australian Qualification Framework.


The fee for courses in Australia is $2750 AUD per person (inclusive of GST).

A non refundable fee of $250 AUD is required for each student to secure a place on the course.

Discounts apply for multiple students from the same organisation on the same course. Please contact the Marketing Manager for details.

Full payment is required before attendance at the course workshop.

Fees for this course include GST.

Enrolment Conditions

Students must be over the age of 18

Prior to course commencement students need to be able to:

  • Read, comprehend and write a range of texts within a variety of contexts.
  • Use and respond to spoken language including some unfamiliar material within a variety of contexts.

Please refer to the Enrolment Form, for the terms and conditions of enrolment, which includes:

  • Enrolment and Selection;
  • Training Guarantee;
  • Course Fees,
  • Payments and Refunds;
  • Course Fees paid in Advance.
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