Accident Site – Infection Control

An aviation accident scene presents significant challenges in terms of implementing an Infection Control program which was primarily envisioned to affect personnel in “traditional” healthcare delivery facilities; the Australian National OHS Commission requirements are to be met in the chaotic, inhospitable, and logistically difficult environment of an aircraft accident site. Unanticipated issues such as heat-related conditions, performance of physically demanding work in cumbersome gear, biohazard trash disposal from remote sites, and a host of other problems have to be dealt with.

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Under the NOHSC guidelines workers must be educated, trained and supervised to ensure the adopted safe working procedures are implemented and followed. These include all workers at risk of contact with blood and body fluids/substances, or contaminated materials in the course of their work must be educated/trained with regard to HBV, HCV and HIV.  The NOHSC specifies workplace education and training programs should:

This workshop addresses the knowledge and skills required for workers to comply with infection control policies and procedures. It addresses how procedures are to be carried out in accordance with current infection control guidelines, Australian and New Zealand Standards for maintaining infection control and other relevant policies and procedures, such as that all tasks must be carried out in accordance with State or Territory legislative requirements that affect work practices of the organisation and/or worker.

It is highly recommended to all workers who are responsible for following workplace procedures to maintain infection control. It is imperative if you anticipate attending an accident site as a :

Specifically, the workshop addresses how to:

Enrolment Requirements

Participants must:

  • Be over the age of 18,
  • Be able to read, comprehend and write a range of texts in English within a variety of contexts.
  • Be able to use and respond to spoken English language including some unfamiliar material within a variety of contexts.
  • Be able to recognise and use a variety of conventions and symbolism of formal mathematics.
  • Have experience in a management, supervisory or practitioner role within a safety critical industry or system.
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment for Professional Development Workshops.

Aviation Safety Institute reserves the right to decline your request to enrol if you do not meet the Entry Requirements.


The fee for the workshop in Australia is $660 AUD per person (inclusive of GST).

Discounts apply for multiple participants from the same organisation on the same workshop. Please contact the ASI Customer Relations Manager [CLICK HERE] for details.

Full payment is required before attendance at the workshop.

In the event of withdrawal up to 28 days prior to workshop a refund of fees less $200 per person is available.

An invoice will be sent to the Billing Contact specified in your Application for Enrolment

Enrolment Management

Enrolment is available via various methods

  • If you are an organisation seeking enrolment for 4 or more participants [CLICK HERE]
    You will receive a discount for the multiple participants. We will send a quote, allowing you to generate a Purchase Order for our subsequent invoicing.

On receipt of the enrolment forms, the Enrolments Manager will ensure that you have

  •  Met the Entry Requirements
  •  Agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment for Professional Development Workshops
  •  Selected the correct training for your needs
  •  Completed all relevant information on the enrolment forms
  •  Paid the required fees

When these requirements are met your enrolment will be processed and confirmation emailed.


The workshop is conducted over one day

On completion of the workshop, participants will have a sound understanding of infection control considerations and management in respect to an aviation accident site. Participants will also be experienced in the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

All course trainers have extensive backgrounds in health care and/or aviation safety management.

Workshop size is normally limited to 16 students.


Workshops will normally be completed in Sydney, Australia. If you would prefer to attend your workshop in another location, please register your interest [CLICK HERE]

If there is sufficient demand the workshop may be run at another location on different dates. However, until an alternative location is confirmed, plan on attending the workshop in Sydney.


We normally run this workshop on an ‘as needs’ basis about four times per year. ASI staff liaise with the people and organisations that have registered an interest, coordinating locations and dates that are the most suitable. 

Workshops with places available are detailed below, and you can enrol in these Workshops immediately.

If the ‘Workshops with Places Available’ are not suitable we can register your interest and then keep you updated [CLICK HERE]

Future dates and locations are dependant on the needs of those that have registered an interest. Workshops are generally planned about 3 months ahead.


Nil. Please register your interest [CLICK HERE]


Following from this workshop is the ability to undertake further training and assessment, potentially resulting in the completion of an Australian Qualifications Framework Unit of Competency.

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We can also run the workshop for organisations that want training ‘in-house’ and only for their organisations personnel