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An investigator must know three things before going out to an accident site: how to use their camera effectively, how and what to take pictures of at the accident site, and how photos/video can be analysed for the accident investigation.

Technology has provided amazing tools for the accident investigator.  A modern cell phone in the hands of a trained investigator can be used to make surveys, 3D models and panoramic images of a crash site.  SLR cameras can record in great detail situations that will perish. The same tools in the hands of a witness can capture critical video of an aircraft incident, which can be analysed to calculate flight parameters. Knowledge of digital photography and analysis can help an investigator take better pictures, collect better information, and ultimately produce more findings.


This workshop covers aspects of modern aircraft accident photography, from taking photos and video at a crash site for subsequent analysis and measurement, to analysis of cockpit or witnesses video footage in order to derive an aircraft’s flight path.  Best practices for the use of modern technology such as smart phones, tablets, and unmanned aerial vehicles, are presented. Course members are provided with the software tools and instruction to carry out analysis during the workshop and after workshop completion.

This workshop is for investigators who want to learn how to effectively capture photographic evidence at a crash site with modern tools such as the digital camera or cell phone, and analyse these photos using accessible programs to produce site surveys and 3D models.  The workshop also provides an introduction to analysis of aircraft cockpit video as well as video collected from witnesses, to extrapolate aircraft flight information.

Specifically, the workshop addresses:

Enrolment Requirements

Participants must:

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The fee for the workshop in Australia is $2250 AUD per person (inclusive of GST).

Discounts apply for multiple participants from the same organisation on the same workshop. Please contact the ASI Customer Relations Manager [CLICK HERE] for details.

Full payment is required before attendance at the workshop.

In the event of withdrawal up to 28 days prior to workshop a refund of fees less $200 per person is available.

An invoice will be sent to the Billing Contact specified in your Application for Enrolment

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The workshop is conducted over three consecutive days

Workshop size is normally limited to 16 students.


Workshops will normally be completed in Sydney, Australia. If you would prefer to attend your workshop in another location, please register your interest [CLICK HERE]

If there is sufficient demand the workshop may be run at another location on different dates. However, until an alternative location is confirmed, plan on attending the workshop in Sydney.


We normally run this workshop on an ‘as needs’ basis about twice per year. ASI staff liaise with the people and organisations that have registered an interest, coordinating locations and dates that are the most suitable. 

Workshops with places available are detailed below, and you can enrol in these Workshops immediately.

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We can also run the workshop for organisations that want training ‘in-house’ and only for their organisations personnel

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