Aviation Safety Institute

Safety Management Training and Consulting

ASI provides a range of specialised safety management training, consulting, auditing and oversight services that are available as either stand alone or integrated packages.

With a focus on providing practical, high quality and cost efficient options, ASI tailors solutions to our clients’ specific circumstances and needs.


With a focus on providing practical, high quality and cost efficient options, ASI tailors solutions to your specific circumstances and needs, and can provide complete safety oversight for your operations.

ASI provides you with a clearly defined risk-based understanding of the interrelationship between people, equipment, systems, processes and the environment of your operations, and which directly affect your business outcomes and will help you create and refine processes, capabilities and a culture that protects your people, assets and operations.  We deliver solutions to enable you to achieve a performance based outcome approach to safety.

Our consultants’ well honed safety management skills are based on extensive practical experience from within civil and military safety departments, whilst ongoing participation in international safety seminars ensures we remain at the forefront of legislative, practical and theoretical issues. In combination with backgrounds as aviation professionals, ASI consultants are able to approach issues with an unparalleled degree of insight and understanding.


As far as the course was concerned I will summarise it as “Outstanding”!… 
This applies to the course contents and structure, the way it was set up to gradually progress around a business related event, the balanced professional background of the attendees, and the professional caliber of the lecturers and their friendly personality. It was quite an enjoyable experience and an excellent learning forum when compared to other professional courses I attended in the past.

Investigation Course Participant, March 2010

The material you presented was terrific – very simple to understand, pertinent and easily adaptable to suit any type of incident investigation and workplace. On the plane home I pondered how the knowledge I have gained from your course stretches far beyond aviation and could apply to other types of investigations… The simplicity of the model and the ease in which I, and the other participants picked up the information, is a testimony to your presentation and teaching styles …You held our attention for the entire 4 days … and you tailored the examples beautifully to assist us to understand the concepts.

Investigation Course Participant, September 2010

The atmosphere you both created, fostering discussion amongst all present, as well as your reading of the energy in the room, was excellent. I personally feel that I have gained essential knowledge about an extremely sound and effective methodology to learn, and more importantly, improve from occurrences in our operations.

Ben Ryan Leader – Safety, Security & Environment Aero-Care Operations